11 May 2005 06:11 PM

Third Wednesday Theology Discussion

Thanks to frequent visitor Lisa Harris for leading us in a discussion of Marcus Borg's "Meeting Jesus for the First Time". This book calls for a new understanding of Christianity as founded by a "human" Jesus, not a God. One of the most memorable statements from this discussion which Lisa said was: "Who can claim or try to be a disciple of God?; But we can be disciples of a man who lived in history called Jesus." Borg challenges us to see the "pre-Easter Jesus" rather than focus on the distortions of the Christ of faith and thus see him in a new light.

Our Third Wednesday discussion on May 18 at 7:00 pm will follow up on Rev. Morn's sermon at All Souls on April 17: "Glad and Generous Hearts" by looking at our Universalist Declaration of Faith of 1899 and the Seven Principles and Purposes of the UUA. We will focus on the question of how can we find unity in diversity while maintaining the spirit of Rev. Morn's challenge to us in her sermon. We will also discuss the history of the two statements and their applicability to our practice and worship today.

For background please read Rev. Morn's sermon, "Glad and Generous Hearts" and "A Different Witness" by Rev. David Keyes both found under "sermons" on our church's website at www.Universalist.org. Printed copies will also be available on the table in the church parlor.

Come to our Third Wednesday series for a lively discussion and fellowship. Reminder from our mission statement: "We respect individual beliefs as we grow together." For more info contact the church office at office@universalist.org.

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