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Interim Ministerial Search

As first announced in February and confirmed last month by her call to become minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Fairfax, Reverend Morn will be unavailable for the optional second year of her contract for UNMC’s Interim Ministry. In March our Board of Trustees voted to ask Chair Vicki Pepper and member David Skidmore to reprise their roles on UNMC’s Interim Search Committee, asking them to round out this reconstituting Committee with a third member to help them undertake a renewed search for another Minister to complete UNMC's Interim Ministry. At Vicki and David's request, Mary Templeton also agreed to reprise her role, and at its May meeting the Board formally approved the membership of this reconstituted Committee and its updated Charter.

The Committee has applied for and has received several candidates for Interim Minister through the UUA's Ministerial Settlement Office; the Committee is in active dialogue with one candidate. The Committee also has used other means to identify additional candidates, including renewing contact with the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches' equivalent of the UUA Settlement Office. (Note: UNMC has been an "honorary member" of the NACCC since the 1980s.)

As reported to the congregation at the Annual Meeting May 15th, a UUA change in how it treats ministerial compensation--moving from a "Total Cost of Ministry" approach to one breaking out Salary plus Housing as the main aspect of compensation, then treating all other elements of benefits and expenses separately under the rubric of "Fair Compensation"--is likely to drive up costs associated with hiring professional ministers.

Also as reported at the Annual Meeting, the UUA requests Church leadership to inform the congregation of the following UUA policy on Interim Ministry:

It is understood, in accordance with the established policy of the Unitarian Universalist Association, that the interim minister is pledged not to become a candidate for the congregation's called ministry, not to serve the congregation for more than two years (with a limited exception for interim ministers of religious education and interim associate and assistant ministers), and not to discuss specific prospective candidates for the called ministry of the congregation with the ministerial search committee. It is also understood that interim ministers both carry out the normal responsibilities of congregational ministry, including worship and pastoral care, and also assist the congregation in addressing the following interim tasks:

  • claiming and honoring its past and healing its griefs and conflicts
  • illuminating the congregation's unique identity, its strengths, its needs, its challenges

  • clarifying the multiple dimensions of leadership, both ordained and lay, and aid the congregation in navigating the shifts in leadership that accompany times of transition

  • renewing connections with available resources, within and beyond the UUA

  • enabling the congregation to renew its vision, strengthen its stewardship, prepare for new professional leadership, and engage its future with anticipation and zest.

In sum, UNMC's search for another Interim Minister to serve the congregation next year is well underway as UNMC's search for a settled minister proceeds, and the Committee will continue to keep the Board and congregation apprised of its activities.

Members of the congregation having questions or concerns should feel free to contact any Interim Search Committee member, but please understand that confidentiality requirements may limit the Committee’s ability to answer specific questions about Interim Minister candidates.

(Note: The complete text of the Interim Search Committee's Report provided at the Annual Meeting May 15th, including attachments, is posted on the large bulletin board outside the Church administrative office, directly across the hall from Reverend Morn's office.)

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