1 Jun 2006 11:19 AM

June Worship & Activity Schedule

Sunday, June 4
11 a.m. Worship: "Clara Barton - Neighbor," Deacon Perry King, preaching
Special service to honor nurses and other health care workers with the Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church choir joining the UNMC choir to sing Johann Albrecht Berger's Te Deum in D.

This is also the last day for bringng in book donations for Occoquan Elementary School.

Monday, June 5
7:30 p.m. Worship Committee meeting. All are welcome to attend.

Monday, June 6
7 p.m. Board of Trustees monthly meeting. All are welcome to attend.

Saturday, June 10
7 p.m. Pot luck cookout at the church, held jointly with the local chapter of Interweave

Sunday, June 11 - Communion
11 a.m. Worship: "Images and the Spirit," Jim Morgan, preaching. All are welcome to participate in communion.

Wednesday, June 14
7 p.m. Study group: "Genesis"

Sunday, June 18 - Father's Day
11 a.m. Worship: Cat's in the Cradle," Jim Morgan, preaching with the young people participating

June 21-25
Unitarian Universalist Association annual General Assembly
St. Louis, MO

Sunday, June 25
11 a.m. Worship: "The Scandal of Humankind," Jim Morgan, preaching

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