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Leadership Roster

The Board of Trustees and Officers: 2013-14

Officers who also sit on the Board of Trustees, each serving a one-year term:
Perry King, Moderator (2nd term)
Mike Miller, Secretary
Treasurer, Brian Pepper

Trustees at large:
Rob Bertram (2nd term, expires May 2015) 
Jorn Dakin (3rd term, expires May 2014)
Karen DeWitt (2nd term, expires May 2014)
Shawn Logue (1st term, expires May 2015) 
Donna Simonton (1st term, expires May 2015)

Registrar: Monique Brooks (one-year term, not a Board position)

Assistant Treasurer: Mike Miller (not a Board position)

Committees and Coordinators

Building and Grounds: David Gatton

Lay Worship & Welcome Leaders: David Burton, Donald Cooper, Karen DeWitt, Colleen Fay, David Gatton, Perry King, Shawn Logue, Mike Miller, Dave Skidmore, Scott Wells, James Zipadelli

Leland Place Outreach: Dave Skidmore

Online Outreach: Shawn Logue, Sue Mosher, Scott Wells


The Diaconate

Perry King
Clinton McCully
Sue Mosher
Jennifer Sandberg
David Skidmore

Lisa Harris
Jules MacKallor
Vicki Pepper
Richard Seiden


Administrator - Leila Chamberlin

Music Director - Darryl Winston

Minister Emeritus

Dr.William Fox, President of St. Lawrence University

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